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Songstress and actress Ivana Wong is at the top of her game as she reunites with long-time musical collaborator Alex Fung for a concert with the HK Philharmonic, writes Vanessa Yung

Ivana Wong Yuen-chi is clearly on a roll as both a singer-songwriter and an actress. At her sold-out Coliseum concerts last year, the usually demure Wong impressed fans with a sexy pole dance routine, and then went on to pick up best supporting actress and best newcomer gongs at the Hong Kong Film Awards in April for her convincing turn as a mainland prostitute in Golden Chickensss (one of the four movies she appeared in last year).

Last month, she brought the house down in W Theatre’s stage musical Little Hong Kong Season 5. And on Thursday (September 3), she returns to the big screen playing an undercover police officer in Love Detective.

As if that weren’t enough, Wong will make her debut with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra on October 16 and 17 for a pop concert that reunites her with long-time collaborator and former classmate Alex Fung Hon-ming. Wong, 36, has grown into that rare artist who can shuttle comfortably between acting and singing and between pop, classical and other musical forms. She is as confident in front of a movie camera as she is commanding on a stage.

For the moment, Wong, whose parents are both classical singers, is more focused on preparing for her concert with the Philharmonic than charting her rise to stardom.

The singer was so thrilled when the orchestra suggested a collaboration, she said yes straight away. She quickly called Fung to see if he could join her on the project. Wong, celebrating her 10th year in show business, says she and Fung have created much of the music in her repertoire together.

Her upcoming show with the HK Phil is the first time her compositions will be performed by professional musicians in a proper setting and scale. Titled “Fragrance of Music", the concert aims to take audiences on a nostalgic journey.

“Music is therapeutic, just like flowers. Flowers bring you memories, and I believe music does the same thing," says Wong. “We’re going to divide the concert into chapters, and each is represented by a scent. The audience won’t actually smell anything, but I believe all the senses are connected in a way.

“As people listen to our music, maybe they will start to think of their precious memories that bring back certain senses or inspires feelings. There’s a storyline [underlying the programme], so we hope the audience will create imagery in their own minds as if they’re watching a movie or listening to soundtracks."

The set list hasn’t been finalised, but she promises signature tunes such as Water Lily and the song she wrote for Canto-pop veteran Jacky Cheung Hok-yau that helped launch her own career, I Am Really Hurt.

However, fans can expect new arrangements of their favourite Ivana Wong songs, Fung says.

“We’re not trying to do the generic pop music meets classical [event], where a philharmonic accompanies the vocalist. It’ll feature a mixture of the musical genres we grew up listening to, from electronic to nu metal and other edgy sounds," Fung says.

“Working with Ivana is something special. We explore music. We might disagree on some points, as music is such a personal thing, but we embrace each other’s ideas instead of compromising. Her melodies makes my arrangements shine, and my arrangements push her tunes forward musically."

The two friends describe the upcoming concert as a party in which orchestral musicians will jam with a pop band.

The pair met as 14-year-olds, when they were students at Cheung Chuk Shan College. Both joined the school choir and would often get together to sing or write music and take part inter-school music events.

They lost touch after leaving Hong Kong for further studies. Wong read economics at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, and Fung studied music production and engineering at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

A mutual friend who knew Fung was in the music business put them back in contact again after Wong had won a Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong songwriting competition in 2000.

“We started exchanging emails and demos. And then she came by my so-called studio, which was actually my bedroom … We started making a demo back then," Fung recalls.

“I think that was at least 10 years ago. It was fun, and she’s was really the only woman back then who was allowed to sit on my bed."

Over the past decade, Wong and Fung have worked together on more than 70 compositions, a dozen albums and two sold-out concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum (2011 and 2014).

As a nod to her economics degree, Wong did a brief stint in a bank, but music has always been her true calling. Despite winning the songwriting contest, Wong didn’t debut as a singer until 2005, when she joined Cheung at his concert on a duet of I Am Really Hurt, which highlighted her angelic voice as well as a knack for writing ballads.

Wong got off to a great start in the mid-2000s: her eponymous debut album was a hit and, together with her second five months later, garnered her awards from Commercial Radio for singer-songwriter and newcomer.

The accolades were completely unexpected, she says. “My music has never been on the very commercial side of the market, and in the past I sometimes struggled with how to position my own music."

But an even bigger surprise is how her acting career has taken off in the past year, as Wong revealed a wonderful sense of comic timing.

“I can hardly believe it myself that I became an actress," Wong says of her recent awards for Golden Chickensss.

“I never imagined I would generate so much noise with my acting rather than my music. In the beginning, I worried whether taking comical roles would ruin my image in music. But I’ve been so touched by how people seem to love my acting.

“People do laugh a lot. It’s like I’m giving them positive energy. I feel as if I’m doing something good. So it’s all worth it. To grow as an artist, I’ve learned not to put so many boundaries on every performance. And you shouldn’t. It’s all art. It’s just in a different form … I hope audiences feel that way, too."

Wong’s first film assignment was the Cantonese dubbing on The Simpsons Movie (2007). More recently she appears as the voice of Sadness in Inside Out.

But her first acting job was on the stage in 2010, when she took a leading role in W Theatre’s musical Octave, for which she also wrote the music.

She credits the founders of Windmill Grass Theatre – Joey Leung Jo-yiu, Edmond Tong Chun-yip and Shaw Mei-kwan – for recruiting her into acting. This led to roles not only in musicals such as I Love You Because (2011), but also TV drama (Inbound Troubles, 2013) and film.

Her four movies last year – Temporary Family, Break Up 100, Delete My Love and Golden Chickensss – sealed her status as a versatile performer.

However, success as an actress has its price. While Wong used to devote all her time to music, she now splits her time between both disciplines.

“Sometimes it is disappointing to hear comments like I’m not doing music any more, I’m not focused any more or I probably don’t make good music any more," Wong says. “But just because I take longer to produce an album – every two years instead of one, for instance – that doesn’t mean I’m sacrificing the quality.

“I’m growing as a performer. And as I said, all our senses are connected. The experience I got from movies and drama also helped in my singing. Right now, when I come out on stage as a singer – I’m sure I’m very different from years ago – I have more power, projection and imagery in my head.

“I’m still more comfortable on a music stage, but I’m learning and embracing every kind of performance. Before making a movie I have to take lessons and read books to get prepared. It’s a different mentality. But that’s my style: once I’ve decided to do something, I give it my all."

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2015年8月31日 頭條日報

PACO名人會——葉念琛欽點做 o靚模 王菀之:乸型柏豪幾好咀!

常說演員要懂得豁出去,看王菀之便知,演戲從沒包袱,從舞台劇到電影,每次都能令觀眾有驚喜,Ivana在葉念琛監製新片《沒女神探》中,為查案扮 o靚模,啜嘴趷籮玩自拍,過程堅爆笑,她說:「我飾演智商189的警花,跟男友分手便自暴自棄,為查案被迫跟班毒男學做 o靚模,最後竟然愛上娘娘腔的周柏豪。」

葉念琛確實眼光獨到,有誰想到王菀之的喜感如此澎湃?「我一直好鍾意睇Ivana做訪問,那種妙語連珠和反應好好笑,前年拍《Delete愛人》已覺得她驚為天人,喜劇感和方法演技都好難捉摸,Ivana拍完《金雞》我便找她做女主角,《沒女神探》的劇本是為她度身訂造,一個智商189的警花為查案混入模特兒界,變成一個不用智商維生的 o靚模。」Ivana說:「屢破奇案的警花卻在愛情生活上屢遇挫折,被拍拖多年的男友傷得好深,深到我要放棄自己,變成沒女,無自信、唔做嘢,日日匿在家放棄自己,暴飲暴食,無沖涼無洗頭,成屋好亂。直至我上司蔣志光衝來我家,要我混入模特兒界做卧底查案,故事就咁開始。」


要王菀之跑去做 o靚模,勢必要有個很合理的原因吧,葉念琛把角色設計成智商高超的警花,混入模特兒界查案,他說:「拍攝前做reserch,好想反映時下毒男、 o靚模和網上文化,我找了幾位美女BB陪Ivana做 o靚模,如連詩雅、陳嘉寶、SuperGirl的Heidi,她們都是毒男群每日追蹤的對象,另外找林盛斌(Bob)、鄭敬基、張建聲做『毒男三人組』,他們是警隊精英,包括談判專家、重案組和高科技人才,但他們是毒男,蔣志光找這幾個毒男來訓練王菀之做 o靚模,唯有毒男才知道毒男鍾意甚麼,毒男才知道他們眼中的美女、港女係點,Ivana角色反差好大,有二十多個造型,當中有好多制服,排球、女僕、校服等,簡直一流。」為求更像真,劇組找人製作 o靚模人形攬枕及紙牌,Ivana說:「好想攞返屋企,靚得來亦好惹笑。」


有睇試片的,十有九讚王菀之演得夠放,葉念琛說:「要Ivana由一個好硬朗的警察去扮演 o靚模去拍寫真集,於是上網搵港女『自拍』竅門,好多人成日會問點解港女自拍照咁誘人,原來道理很簡單,就係諗住身體有邊部份痛,邊度痛邊度,影出來就會好迷人,又或有些女仔自拍post上instgram或facebook好多人like,亦可以話係呃like,因見好多女仔影相一定要戴大眼仔,所以戲中都有句對白『唔戴大眼仔,出嚟點溝仔?』,但係咪真係要這些包裝先叫靚?跟Ivana合作幾次,我真係好欣賞的是,她真係一roll機就代入角色,比如她一roll機就變成張家輝,唔係《激戰》張家輝,係『化骨龍』張家輝。」




主持:黃柏高 統籌:林永匡
協力:彭燕燕 攝影:譚壹致
Hair:Zing Wong @ Hair Culture(王菀之)
makeup:Janice Tao @ ZING the makeup school(王菀之)



圖:葉念琛在新片為不同演員塑造新角色特質,菀之在片中飾演IQ 189的警花。




2015年9月1日 信報

王菀之馮翰銘 音樂初心不變

















Ivana則說:「每次我面對掙扎時,都會跟自己說,創意的世界太精采,也太重要。當藝術不見了,人就會覺得空虛。人生太短,我沒有時間去正常。」Alex補充:「I can just say we will have fun.」






撰文:張綺霞  攝影:陳縱宇

髮型:Kate Shek @ Hair Culture
化妝:Janice Tao @ ZING the makeup school
服裝:Y’s @ I.T

髮型:Niki Lee @ Headquarters
化妝:Kristy @ Facedesign





2015年9月1日 明報

王菀之蔣志光相逢鬥爆笑 踢走歌手包袱




王菀之扮 o靚模不賣性感

在《沒女神探》戲中,蔣志光演烏龍警司,是智商高、學歷高的王菀之上司,經常委派不可能的任務給她,如要王菀之化身 o靚模,混入 o靚模堆。問王菀之要扮 o靚模,可有說服力?王菀之坦言自己做 o靚模沒說服力,她笑說:「無計,我條件不是特別好,但都要頂硬上。雖然 o靚模出位又大膽,但戲中我不用性感露事業線,而且好密實,件衫封到鎖骨以上,領高裙短,不是賣性感,是賣喜劇感。最難處理反而是學 o靚模擺甫士,真實的我是不識擺甫士的。」


戲中王菀之和周柏豪有一場咀嘴戲,她指由於是搞笑,不浪漫的,所以完全沒感覺,亦不尷尬。事前有否先溝通?她說:「大家先刷牙,私底下我和柏豪好熟,反而不尷尬 。今次不是我銀幕初吻,《金雞》都有咀戲。」


首次擔正女主角 有少少緊張





場地:Coffee Pro

化妝:Janice Tao @ ZING the makeup school
髮型:Tim Lee @ Hair Culture






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